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“It’s dangerous to go alone” wedding rings.

“It’s dangerous to go alone” wedding rings.

When you hear someone knock on the door when you are home alone

That awkward moment when you’ve been alone in your room for so long you forget how to behave in social situations.

When you’re home alone at night

and every noise is a rapist

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Things that I've found from tumblr to tumblr.
I am an onions rights activist.
I love all things British.
There are some pretty good British series that i love:
Doctor Who,
Skins UK,
Being Human UK,
The IT Crowd,
Black Books,
Father Ted,
I also like many non-British series. I Love zombies, vampires (the real ones, not the sparkly-in-the-sun ones) and all those creepy sort of things. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is like a drug for me.
I love cats. I love practically all animals on Earth. I'm very very very very geeky.
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